iCOMOS - International Conference on One Medicine One Science

4th International Conference on One Medicine One Science
"One World, One Medicine, One Science: The way forward for better health"
Chiang Mai, Thailand
February 11 - 14, 2019


      An Innovative University Where Nature and Culture are Cherished

   Chiang Mai University is the first provincial university to be established, based on the government’s policy and the objective of the northern people, as a center for academic and occupational knowledge in order to benefit the region and the country as a whole.

   This university is a place for knowledge collection, studies research and knowledge transfer according to academic freedom based on morality and academic excellence, application and transfer, and arts and culture development.

   Graduates from Chiang Mai University will emphasis self-training in order to become knowledgeable, thoughtful and practical persons, as well as being able to manage themselves and other people, and work with ethics and social awareness.

"One World, One Medicine, One Science: the Way Forward for Better Health"

   The Conference provides an opportunity for policymakers, private sector participants, academics and graduate students to update and exchange knowledge on six themes:

• Infectious Diseases: World without Borders
• Contribution to Building Sustainable Surveillance Systems
• The Public Health Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety
• Environment and Climate Change
• Global One Health Initiative
• Infectious and Communicable Diseases following Natural Disaster

   The conference provides an international proceeding for participants to present their research either orally or as a poster. From the submitted abstracts, the conference will select the most outstanding research for oral presentations. All abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings. (Presenters with full papers are welcome to submit them directly to the Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences for consideration. For more information about the journal, please visit http://cmuj.cmu.ac.th/index.php.)